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Alternative Web Technologies provides the best in Bay Area web design. We are based in Los Gatos, California and we serve the needs of businesses large and small who want to  maintain a professional presence on the internet.

Experts in the design, development and deployment of web sites using the latest technologies. Specialists in HTML5, CSS3, ASP.NET, XML,Javascript, JQuery, Databases, ECommerce, Search Engine Optimization, Security and many other technologies too numerous to list.


About Us

We have been working with the internet for over 20 years and have been developing web sites since the beginning of the World Wide Web in the early 90's

Alternative - About Us

We have been developing web sites since the early days of the internet over 20 years ago and our employees have worked with some of the largest companies in the world developing software and internet delivery solutions.


Web Technologies

We provide web solutions using the latest technologies available to present your company in a professional light to attract more customers and increase business

Alternative Technologies

We work with the latest in internet standards to provide you with a state of the art presence on the web.

Technologies are primarily Windows based to provide cost effective and secure solutions to our customers


Software Development

We also develop Windows applications for personal productivity and solutions which support small businesses and independant contractors


We also develop software using the latest Windows technology to provide both desktop and web based applications.

Our technology solutions include ASP.Net, HTML5, CSS, JQuery, Javascript, SQL Server, . The primary platform for development is Windows 8 running IIS7. We also devlop Cloud solutions using the Windows Azure platform.



Our Philosophy

"To provide a high quality web presence to companies and organizations at a price they can afford "


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23455 Sunset Drive
Los Gatos, CA 95033