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Alternative Web Technologies provides the best in Bay Area web design. We are based in Los Gatos, California and we serve the needs of businesses large and small who want to  maintain a professional presence on the internet.

Experts in the design, development and deployment of web sites using the latest technologies. Specialists in HTML5, CSS3, ASP.NET, XML,Javascript, JQuery, Databases, ECommerce, Search Engine Optimization, Security and many other technologies too numerous to list.

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The Alternative Process


This is where the fun really starts ! Both you, the customer, and Alternative Web Technologies have a good understanding of what is required and we can start generating the web site. During this phase samples will be developed and communicated to the customer. Final adjustments are made to the 'look and feel' and structure of the web site and final mock-ups are developed for discussion.

Any final look and feel decisions are discussed and implemented into the design and it will be deployed to a private section of the Alternative Web Technologies web site for you to 'play' with. If any programming or interactivity which requires development is needed the functionality will be finalized and this will be implemented in the Development phase. If not the Development Phase is skipped entirely and we can move forward to the Deplolyment Phase.


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"To provide a high quality web presence to companies and organizations at a price they can afford "


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