The Alternative Process - Development

Alternative Web Technologies provides the best in Bay Area web design. We are based in Los Gatos, California and we serve the needs of businesses large and small who want to  maintain a professional presence on the internet.

Experts in the design, development and deployment of web sites using the latest technologies. Specialists in HTML5, CSS3, ASP.NET, XML,Javascript, JQuery, Databases, ECommerce, Search Engine Optimization, Security and many other technologies too numerous to list.

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The Alternative Process


Up until now most of the work will have been completed using HTML5 and CSS. However, if any programming is needed for interaction with the customer, or any databases need to be developed this will be done during the Development Phase.

Examples of the type of work which will be done during this phase are:

  • Contact Forms
  • E-Commerce
  • Database Development
  • Member Login
  • Blogs
  • User Forums
  • etc

Depending upon the complexity of the functionality required this phase could be very short or span several weeks.

Also during this phase a test plan will be developed and executed to ensure that the final website meets both the customers, and Alternative Web Technologies, Quality Standards prior to 'going live' with the web site in the Deployment Phase.


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